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Marathon Makeover 5k

Today Kathleen and I ran our first ever 5K with Marathon Makeover. It was good for the most part, although  it was tiring. I sat down and wrote out my highlights of this morning (both good and bad):

  • Seeing how many folks are getting in their time each week! Way to go marathoners!!!
  • “Winning” a new water bottle thanks to one of my newest friends, Caroline Simpson. (It pays to have friends in high places)
  • The “What not to do” show that Pam and the Alumni put on! You know that was hilarious.
  • The Honey Milk!!!! I already tried a Honey-Honey Milk. That thing is incredible. A little advice – buy stock in the Honey Milk company because Victor has found a new favorite drink.
  • Stetching (this one is bad) – I still hate stretching. I just cannot get into it. I will do it, but it may be while before it brings me the joy it brings so many of you. It also worries me how many people I saw doing the lunge stretch with their back foot at an angle. Please everyone, listen to Robin, Mark, and everyone else – keep your feet straight.
  • Lining up to start was funny. They directed us that faster folks should come to the front and slower folks to the back. I got the impression that almost everyone was trying to get in the back.
  • The “Shot gun start” (or was that a car horn) – It was very awkward to run/walk through that crowd, but exciting at the same time. It took a few minutes for everyone to find their ‘real’ place in the pack.
  • Running was a good thing. I didn’t run a lot. I ran some, I walked fast some and I walked slower a little. I tried to push myself a little more than usual. And it was a good thing. I have no desire to be a “Papa Bear” (they exhausted me when they were running around the meeting room), but I did not join marathon makeover to be a ”Mama Bear.” “Baby Bear” is what I will be or I wasted my money, wasted my time and will let down everyone who has supported me through this journey.
  • Silence was golden. I did not pace myself with anyone today. I ran my own race by myself for the most part. And, as much as I love you all, that is the way I prefer it. I love to talk before the race and after the race, but during the race, I think I prefer to be a loner. (Except the friendly greetings and encouragements we get to offer each other as we pass by one another.)
  • I was very sad that someone got hurt. I tend to not look real far ahead when I am not on the road. I had just passed Adrienne on the Levy area when I heard someone running from behind, I looked behind me and it was Adrienne sprinting past everyone. I looked ahead and saw someone on the asphalt. Adrienne then ran ahead and got Pam. I did not stop because I knew I had nothing to offer in the way of assistance. I would have just been in the way.  It is great we have folks with the program that can take care of us if we get hurt. I do not know why one of us marathoners fell. But I took it as a reminder that any athletic event carries with it an inherent risk. Any of us can suffer an injury at any time. Please, everyone be careful. Of course, we might get injured anyway – things happen. But the more careful we are the less likely we are to get injured.
  • I ran across the finish line (The Good) – Once I got past the Levy the last time, I ran a short distance to determine about how long I could run without getting out of breath. I then estimated that distance from the finish line and began running at about that point. That way I could run across the finish line without passing out. And I did. YAY!!!
  • I ran across the finish line (The Bad) – When I ran across the finish line I was not paying attention to what was going on around me very well. I did not realize that Mark was calling out times. So I did not hear my time. I had wanted to know how fast I did it so I could tell my daughter. (Oops!)
  • I ran across the finish line (The other Good) – I was handed my medal by the littlest Simpson. Caroline is such an inspiration at such a young age. A couple of weeks ago she ran up beside me and walked with me a little while and we talked a little. She said she started running last year. I thought, I wish I had started when I was her age. She is a bright and sweet young lady. Mark and Robin – y’all did good!! When I ran past the finish line the first time today, she gave me a “thumbs up”. She is a great encourager. So I was proud to get my medal from my new little friend.
  • The after run chatting. It was fun to hang out and chat with everyone else. Thank you all for all your encouragement and for allowing me to offer what little encouragement I can for you.
  • THE A+, NUMBER ONE THING ABOUT TODAY IS – – – – My New Profile Picture of my lovely wife Kathleen and I with our medals. Just look at her smiling face!!! I love to see the joy this program has brought to her. That doubles the amount of joy I receive from it.

Mark and Robin, I cannot say it enough. You are changing lives. You are making a difference. We appreciate you so much!!!

We love all you wonderful marathoners!!!!!

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