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"Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important." – C.S. Lewis

I almost didn’t do it!

You have no idea how close I came to not even attending the meeting on January 15th. But I did. Good thing too. I could write on and on and on about the benefits I have received since I started just two short weeks ago. Of course, my last few blogs appeared to go on and on and I don’t think a lot of people read them. Not real sure I would have.

So far, I would say this training process is a success. I have walked every day (mostly at night) that I was supposed to for the maximum time. If the schedule called for 30-40 minutes, I walked 40 minutes. My wife, my puppy, and I have even walked in the pouring rain and freezing cold. Its amazing the weather we have been given over the course of two weeks.

I have done the Cross training every day it was scheduled. I don’t think it has benefited me at all yet because I have still not really found anything that just really gels for me. I may have to take my bike back from my daughter in Starkville. But I want to do something upper body on those days to work out my arms a little more than I already am. I guess I will continue working on that.

So far the diet I was given by Rebecca with Runner’s Fuel has been great. However, the first day I ate lunch and was starving a couple of hours later. I thought, “this diet may be tough to survive.” The next day I ate lunch with my wife and saw how much lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, etc she piled in her salad bowl. The day before, I had only eaten a few baby carrots and a couple of tomatoes. So I realized that I need to eat the max in those foods to keep from getting hungry. That is working. With the orange carrots, red tomatoes, green lettuce, white onions, and tan or brown meats, my youngest daughter says our food has gotten “prettier and more colorful.” Yeah, that’s my goal! J

But the clincher was tonight! We went to Rebecca’s Tuesday night meeting. Part of the meeting is weighing-in and I lost 6.2 pounds the first week on the diet! I figure if I lose 6.2 pounds a week every week, around this time next year I’ll vanish. Not really my goal either, but I love it for a starting point. I know weight loss will vary each week, but this was the encourager I needed.

I’m not saying all this to brag. (well maybe a little, but cut me some slack I’ve been overweight for over 20 years). I am really saying it to demonstrate how the marathon Makeover training schedule combined with Runner’s Fuel diet plan really works. And that is remarkably exciting to me.

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