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A Changed Life!

It seems like forever since I wrote a blog. I have been very busy at work and have not had time to sit down and write. I think of lots of great things to write, but getting them on paper is another story. I might try that video blog thing one day. We will see. However, I don’t think the light in my office is good enough to do that.

Today I want to write about how this program has changed my life. I am not exaggerating when I say MM has changed my life. Mark announced at the meeting that I had lost 26lbs so far. If you have ever lost that much weight in a short time you know how life changing that can be. Simple things like tying my shoes had become a chore.

When I bought my shoes for this program, it was very difficult to bend over to tie my shoes properly at Stinky feet. Now, I can bend over and tie them without sitting down. If you have never been VERY over-weight before, you may not appreciate those little landmarks. But believe me – it is a big deal!

I had purchased a new belt just before starting this program. When I bought it, I was using the middle of 5 belt holes. I have now had to punch TWO NEW holes and the thing sticks out about a foot from where it buckles. I hate to buy another new one since this one is in good shape. But I may have to if this keeps up.

When I first attended Runner Fuel, Rebecca Turner (the greatest Dietician ever), asked us to set goals for the first 10 weeks and the full 40 weeks of the program. (Well she actually made us do so, but politely.) I have rarely weighed myself and had no idea what was a realistic goal for me. Rebecca suggested a good rule of thumb was that I could expect to lose from 1-2 pounds a week. So I figured I would lose it faster at the start (I think that’s what I have always heard anyway)  I decided to make my 10 week goal 20 pounds and my 40 week goal 60 pounds. That sounded like a ton of weight at the time!

The first week I lost 6#! and was shocked. I posted a blog around this time commenting that if I lost 6# a week I would vanish sometime next year.  But I figured this was the easy weight and probably mostly water. I was determined not to be let down when I only lost a pound or so the next week. The next week I lost 6 more pounds! WOW! The next two weeks I lost 3#s each. I was up to 18 pounds and I had only been doing it for 4 weeks! I came in the next week and lost just under 2 pounds. Since some of the previous weigh-ins were a little over the numbers above, this amounted to a full 20# loss. I made my 10week goal in 5 weeks. I figured now it was starting to settle in so a 1-2 pounds a week and I was OK with that. The next week came around and I lost 6 more pounds to put me at 26 pounds.

I have more energy. I think more clearly. I am happier in general. But I have done NOTHING to deserve any recognition or congratulations! Nothing. All I have done is follow the program. If 26# is awesome to you, don’t congratulate me. Congratulate Mark, Robin, and Rebecca. It is their success I am enjoying.

I have only walked so far. I do feel like running a little now, but I am waiting. I have walked in the rain, the cold, the dark, the heat, etc. I have missed 1 day of walking and 1 cross training Sunday during this entire 8 weeks. I have followed the Runners Fuel diet plan as accurately as possible. A few evenings I had an extra snack because I tend to work very late and it may be 6 or 7 hours after dinner before I go to bed. So I eat a snack on those evenings. Lunches can be difficult, but I have only had one that was a real mess. I ended up eating what amounts to three snacks for lunch that day. But I made it through and the next day, I was back on track. I had a good feel for how to do it when I can’t stop for lunch because what I have learned from Rebecca.  

The program works. The diet plan works. I just follow them and get to reap the benefits.

Thanks Mark, Robin, and Rebecca. You folks are changing lives.

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